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Discover Your Energy Management Quotient: A Self-Assessment Quiz

Discover Your Energy Management Quotient: A Self-Assessment Quiz

In the relentless hustle of modern life, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that managing time holds the key to improved performance and well-being. We invest in the latest productivity gadgets and software, hoping to juggle tasks more efficiently and squeeze more out of each day. However, according to Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, authors of The Power of Full Engagement, the real secret to high performance lies in the skillful management of energy, not time. Yet, many of us unknowingly deplete our energy reserves through harmful habits—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Take this self-assessment quiz to gauge your energy management prowess:

  1. Do you rely on sugary or carbohydrate-rich snacks for quick energy boosts?
  2. Do you view life as an endless marathon, or a constant struggle to keep pushing forward?
  3. Do you prioritize tasks based on their immediate urgency rather than their alignment with your values and goals?
  4. Do you avoid routines, preferring spontaneity and flexibility?
  5. Do you often find yourself too busy to reflect on your deepest values and aspirations?
  6. Do you feel stuck in overdrive, unable to shift to a lower gear?
  7. Do you exercise irregularly or not at all?
  8. Do you consistently sleep less than six hours a night?
  9. Do you seldom take breaks, believing they are a waste of time?
  10. Do you frequently experience shallow breathing, neglecting deep, rejuvenating breaths?
  11. Are feelings of anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm a constant presence in your life?
  12. Do you tend to become harsh or defensive under pressure?
  13. Do you prioritize personal relationships, or do you easily move on if they become challenging?
  14. Do you resort to smoking, drinking, or drugs to cope with stress and anxiety?
  15. Has it been a while since you engaged in activities purely for enjoyment?
  16. Do you view downtime as unproductive and wasteful?

If you answered “true” to several of these statements, it’s likely that your performance and overall well-being are not optimized. Recognizing the importance of managing your energy is the first step toward improvement. If you’re interested in exploring strategies to enhance your energy levels and live a more fulfilling life, book a call with me. Your journey to better energy management begins now.

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